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Eddie Rangel & Steven Dean

Millennium Decorative Arts … My Favorite Neighborhood Furniture and Home Accessories Shop

By Eddie Rangel

Love Love Love Millennium!

Since the 90’s, Millennium has been part of a group of small, locally owned businesses that have stuck by the city despite all its reincarnations. It’s such a treat to have a store in town where you can find one-of-kind resale pieces that complement any mid-century/modern collection. Best of all is the knowledgeable staff that is always acquiring super cool and good quality merchandise. I stop by frequently to get first looks at new stuff. Hands down, the funnest store to spend your hard-earned money. For those of you into recycling and living a more “green” existence, what better to way to contribute than to re-use?

Stop by and say hi to Glynn. He’ll love you for it!

Love Love Love Millennium!

1528 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009, USA

Phone: (202) 483-1218



Millennium Decorative Arts is closing its doors in December 2015.