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Torpedo Factory Art Center … The Other James Dean Works Here!

By Eddie Rangel

Art, Crafts, Textiles and more.

Whether you’re in the market to acquire a work of art, or simply in the mood to see art being made, the Torpedo Factory in Old Town, Alexandria is a great place to spend a weekend afternoon. You’ll find veritable art that you can “touch”, and crafts that you’ll want to hold and possibly take home. There are 165 artists with studios at the factory. They all produce at least some of their works there.

The Torpedo Factory was constructed as an actual torpedo factory, soon after WWI, and served as a munitions storage during WWII. In 1974, after a group of artists renovated the space, it re-opened to the public. Read about its history here.

My father-in-law, James Dean, has also studio at the Torpedo Factory. He is a well-known local artist who started the art program at NASA back in the 60s, and later served as Curator of Art at the National Air & Space Museum. He has been painting most of his life, and since he retired from his official duties, he’s been painting beautiful works full time. His annual trips to Maine serve as a constant inspiration. Stop by and admire his work. His studio (#306) is located on the second floor at the Torpedo Factory, 105 North Union Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

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