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Tiber Island Cooperative Homes Nears the Completion of Balcony Restoration Project

Tiber Island Cooperative Homes began a balcony restoration project in 2014 for the high rise towers.

Balcony Restoration Project at Tiber Island Cooperative Homes

Restoration of Balconies at Tiber Island In Progress

A notice from the Management Office in 2014 to the residents explained the need for the project.

“As history, the balconies are a recurrent structural problem. This is largely ‘part of the package’ with having a building with exposed concrete. The problem has been exacerbated by some specific deficiencies including a substantial number of the balconies are improperly sloped and therefore do not drain water correctly. There is ‘normal wear and tear’ from moisture, freeze/thaw cycle, etc. In addition, the installation of the tiles and similar surfaces that hold water further contributes to the concrete deterioration.

Contractor removing equipment from the roof at Tiber Island Cooperative Homes

Contractor removing equipment from the roof at Tiber Island Cooperative Homes

“There are recurrent issues with the concrete floors and ceilings, and every few years we complete basic repairs when we detect bad concrete. There are issues with the connections that hold the pre-cast concrete balcony railings onto the buildings and there are problems with the pre-cast concrete railings.

“Cumulatively, as we do more routine concrete repairs, the balcony floors and ceilings simply look bad. So as part of this project, we will be correcting the slope of the balconies to ensure the water drains away from the building and sealing the floors to protect water penetration down to the re-bar.

“Thus, the scope of work has now been expanded to ensure we make long-term progress on correcting the drainage issues and also install a better floor surface to seal the concrete (similar to the garage repair a few years ago). Additionally, recognizing the balconies increasingly reflect a greater and greater number of patches, we are coating the balcony surface as well as the interior and exterior walls of the railings and ceilings so the residents will have a more-uniform, clean appearance.”

Balconies After the Restoration Project

Balconies After the Restoration Project

Tiber Island contracted with Thomas Downey, the structural consultant, to oversee and inspect the work which is being performed by CA Lindman. The project is scheduled to complete — weather permitting — by the end of November 2015.